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Who’s tweeting links to your website?

Find out how to receive a notification every time someone posts on Twitter with a link to your website or blog.

Springpad is shutting down

Springpad has announced the news that it is shutting down.

This freeĀ app provided a note taking, organising, sharing and collaboration service, vaguely similar to the likes of Evernote but with a much more ‘visual’ design, with notes being stored in notebooks that you could style to your liking.

5 Top Web Tools for Digital Media Professionals

Being a social media professional is tough. Here are five tools that I use to help make life a little easier.

5 Advanced Features of Social Media Management Tools (and who has them)

Social Media Management tools are there to help you manage multiple profiles for multiple businesses. Here are 5 top features to look out for.

5 Next-Level Features of Social Media Management Tools (Part 1)

A series of blog posts about next-level features of Social Media Management Tools. Part 1 of the series is about advanced post scheduling and optimisation.

Big change to Google search results. Ads more integrated.

Today the new layout for Google search results started displaying in one of my the Google Chrome profiles (others still display the old format). It’s a big change and feels quite different to use.

Buy your Facebook Likes here! Includes free Twitter followers!

It’s not all about the big follower count. Actually, I’d suggest that for most small businesses a large follower count can put off those who are genuinely interested in interacting with your business. A Facebook Page with 300 fans could give the impression of a more exclusive community with a better chance of fans being ‘heard’ than one with huge follower counts.