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Big change to Google search results. Ads more integrated.

Today the new layout for Google search results started displaying in one of my the Google Chrome profiles (others still display the old format). It’s a big change and feels quite different to use.

Buy your Facebook Likes here! Includes free Twitter followers!

It’s not all about the big follower count. Actually, I’d suggest that for most small businesses a large follower count can put off those who are genuinely interested in interacting with your business. A Facebook Page with 300 fans could give the impression of a more exclusive community with a better chance of fans being ‘heard’ than one with huge follower counts.

Telecom Ultra Broadband (VDSL) Speed Test Comparison

I carried out a speed test of the Telecom Ultra Broadband (VDSL) network in comparison to an older TelstraClear cable broadband connection, and then compared the connection speed across various mobile devices in comparison to my PC. Here’s the result.

Problems Verifying Your Google Places (Local) Listing?

Verifying your claim to any form of business listing online can be a royal pain in the ass. From postcards sent to physical addresses that don’t accept mail and aren’t redirected to PO Boxes, to receptionists that answer automated verification phone calls and hang-up, think that it’s some form of weird Web 2.0 practical joke that only geeks will get. Find out how to make this process as easy as possible, and even cheat!’s America’s Cup Headline and the Following Onslaught

If you were following Twitter shortly after Emirate Team New Zealand’s America’s Cup loss, you may have noticed a fair bit of conversation surrounding’s headline that boldly declared “CHOKE ON THIS NZ”.

Brad Pitt’s Email Address

I was at a friend’s place recently (hi Doug) reading his copy of “Teach Yourself Computers, The Internet, and Windows 98″. It’s an early overview of the Internet and it’s pretty funny how much things have changed, and how other things have stayed the same.

Here are some highlights.

New Facebook Promotion Guidelines: Go Nuts!

Facebook have announced changes to their terms and conditions in relation to how promotions can be run. These changes make it far easier to run a Facebook promotion so we’ll no doubt start seeing them more and more! At time of writing this has been posted on the official Facebook Studio Page but oddly not the Facebook Marketing Page.