Website Project: Kits & Bits

Website Project: Kits & Bits

Not so long ago I was asked to put the website together for Jackie Jackson, along with the help of her graphic designer.

Jackie recently started a business which provides first aid kits ‘and bits’, along with first aid supply management services, to Christchurch businesses.

Check out the Kits & Bits website, built on the highly popular and well supported WordPress platform.

Responsive WordPress Website

The website is responsive, meaning that it shifts position in order to suit the viewer’s screen, whether that screen is as large as a desktop monitor or as small as a smartphone. This is essential technology for any new website, seeing as a large percentage of internet traffic is carried out on a mobile device.

A large, animated, homepage slider gives her the option of featuring products or services or offering deals. Featured areas shift into position as the viewer scrolls, adding some life and energy to the website.

Jackie’s website also features a blog, like this one, which provides her with an easy method to update her website with new content. I agree with many web specialists in saying that most websites should have a functioning blog. Preferably one of a true ‘blog’ format, rather than a cowboy version that is made by just adding new pages to a parent page.

A blog should primarily have:

  • Time/datestamps for each post
  • Pagination (see below)
  • Categories

Secondary functions include:

  • Authors
  • A comments area
  • Social sharing buttons

Pagination is an automated function that orders posts into pages. Typically you can set the number of blog post summaries per page. With each new blog post, the oldest post on that page is pushed to the next page.

Along with the website, to help Jackie get started I also set her up with a LinkedIn company page and personal profile. Be sure to look her up if you’re interested in her services.