Review of the Huawei Smartwatch

Review of the Huawei Smartwatch

A colleague of mine (hi Steve) bought a Pebble smartwatch, just as they came out in New Zealand. Despite all of the competitor products that have rolled out onto the market, he still loves its simplicity and dependability. Although, more than anything else, he seems to love the watch face that he’s set. The one with a cat whose eyes move.

Aside from having a play with Google Glass at a convention in the US, I mostly let the wearable-technology movement pass me by. With the launch of the Apple Watch, I started to pay a little more attention, and then I received an email from an old colleague, asking whether I’d be keen to test the new Huawei Smartwatch for a week.

Perfect timing an awesome chance to see whether a smartwatch is a useful productivity tool, a fashion accessory, or simply a fad that will pass when the next piece of fancy gear comes out.

I’m happy to report that I really loved the smartwatch. Sure, it appealed to my not-so-inner geek, but I actually felt that it made my life significantly easier.

The one realisation that really sold it for me was that I would never miss a notification (of my choice) again. Forget Facebook notifications and Snapchats. For that one week, missing important reminders, phone calls, and text messages on my iPhone was a thing of the past. And having that unmissable-yet-discreet vibration on my wrist meant that I could leave my phone on silent, permanently.

Huawei Smartwatch

Perhaps audible phone notifications will one day be a thing of the past? That one guy’s phone who goes off in the meeting, office, school, waiting room or cinema will be the guy that others frown at, and noisy phones will be old technology.

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