Buy your Facebook Likes here! (Seriously?)

An email received today from a UK email address with an awful social-media-keywordy-domain:


I am called Ben and I design apps for Apple . I also specialise in Social media marketing helping to build businesses.

Prices from :-
£50 for 2,000 Facebook Likes
£50 for 6,000 Instagram followers
£45 for 7,000 Twitter followers
£50 for 30,000 YouTube Views

If a new client logs on to your Twitter page and can see that you have 7000 likes compared to your competition with just 350 likes, they tend to side with you even without considering price differences, as they are added with confidence. This will also increase your position through Facebook and start to drive natural traffic through your page and through google.

We always have special offers, currently we have buy 20,000 Facebook likes for £170 get 5,000 Free Twitter followers.

Many thanks,


Facebook DislikeSure. Thanks, Ben. Man, how dirty does it feel to put a price on buying ‘fans’ like this? Especially that last line.

If you’re considering this sort of thing, please don’t. Consult a professional to learn about the pitfalls and discover the benefits of genuine fans.

It’s not all about the big follower count. Actually, I’d suggest that for most small businesses a large follower count can put off those who are genuinely interested in interacting with your business. A Facebook Page with 300 fans could give the impression of a more exclusive community with a better chance of fans being ‘heard’ than one with huge follower counts. Plus it just looks unnatural for a small business to have tens of thousands of fans – you get the impression they’ve bought them, whether through campaigns like this or just by running iPad promotions over and over.

And have you ever gone to comment on a business’ post only to see that there are 300 other comments so you decide not to bother instead?