Facebook Ads Manager App for Mobile

Facebook Ads Manager App for Mobile

This morning I opened the Facebook app on my iPhone to see that the ‘Facebook Ads Manager for Mobile’ app is now available. I checked another profile to see if this was a universal launch, but it appears to only be accessible on certain profiles so far. My Facebook profile is registered as an app developer, so it’s possible that the app is being rolled out to ‘developers’ first.

In their own words, the Mobile Ads Manager allows you to:

  • Track results on the go
  • Start and stop adverts
  • Edit budgets and schedules

The ‘app’ isn’t a stand alone app that you’ll find in the app store. It’s available in the left sidebar menu within the standard Facebook app (interestingly it’s not available within the separate Facebook Pages app). Alternatively you can find the app within the mobile Facebook website in the same location.

Facebook Ads Manager for Mobile Facebook Ads Manager Introduction Facebook Ads Manager Summary

Functions of the Facebook Ads Manager App

The Facebook Adverts Manager is predominantly for monitoring your current and past ad campaigns on the go, giving you the ability to view how far through your total spend the campaign is, the current click rates and cost per click or Page Like, and how effectively each ad within your advert set is performing.

On top of this, you can navigate to your advert sets and change the maximum daily or lifetime budget, as well as the end date and time. At this stage there’s no way to create a new ad.

Ads Manager Campaign Stats Ads Manager Campaign Stats Edit Facebook Ad Campaigns on iPhone

On iPhone and iPad

As well as within the iPhone Facebook App and browser, the ads manager can also be found within the iPad Facebook app and browser with the same functions.

Facebook Ads Manager App on iPad

Available on Android? Not sure about that one, yet. If you have an Android device, please give it a go and let me know in the comments below.

All-up, I think this is going to be a pretty handy way to monitor your campaigns on the go, and to provide insights during management and supplier meetings.