New Facebook Page Design & Layout for 2016 (with dimensions)

New Facebook Page Design & Layout for 2016 (with dimensions)

As of this morning I’ve started seeing a new Facebook Page layout. This is currently being rolled out in stages around the world, or Facebook are testing it with a smaller audience to see whether the new design is more effective than the current.

Note that the change is currently user-based and not Page-based, i.e. I can currently see it on every Facebook Page that I visit, whereas under another account I can only see the current Page design on all Pages.

A few key changes really stand out:

Larger and unobstructed cover photo

The new cover photo has grown from 851 x 315 pixels to 1012 x 385 pixels, meaning that the new display area for Page content is of course 1012px wide. In even better news, the cover photo is now completely unobstructed. The old version had to contend with the profile photo, page name (even more frustrating when the name wrapped onto two lines), categories, message and call-to-action buttons, while the new version has its own dedicated space with a white banner beneath it where all of those extras are now housed.

On that note, the profile photo has shrunk to just 70 x 70 pixels.

Tab menu items now listed with one-click access

Where the current design has 4 tabs (including ‘Home’) with the rest of your tabs appearing as a dropdown list under a ‘More’ button, the new design shows the tabs all listed in a vertical menu to the left of the feed. As they’re all now displayed, they’re more visually accessible and of course also now available with just one-click, rather than clicking on the dropdown first and then the tab. The green ‘Create a Page’ button has been moved from outside of the main content area to now display under that tab list.

Modules (or ‘sections’) now display in a sidebar to the right of the newsfeed. This fits more with the design of your own personal newsfeed, with a list of text links on the left and sections on the right.

Moving from two columns to three is made possible with the new wider format (1012 px wide vs. 851 px).

No ‘right rail’ ads

In an unusual move for Facebook, this new format actually means that the ads that show to the right of current Facebook Pages have now been removed. It’s not known whether these ads will reappear in another format on Facebook Pages, but for now at least it’s a nice move by Facebook and could show that they’re respecting business’ right to have more of their own dedicated space without potentially showing ads for competitor products and services alongside that business page.

Here are two screenshots under two different accounts showing the same Facebook Page, and also a view from Facebook Business Manager for a Page that I’m an admin of. It’s worth noting that there’s currently a bug with the new format; the first section displaying in the right sidebar – ‘This Week’ – is intended for Page Admins, but is showing for me on any Facebook Page that I visit. Just with a spinning loading icon rather than the Page’s own stats (phew!).

Click the images below to view full-size and feel free to use these where you like.


New Facebook Page Layout

New Facebook Page Layout

Old Facebook Page Layout

Old Facebook Page Layout

New Facebook Page Layout in Business Manager

New Facebook Page Layout in Business Manager

  • Mark Lincoln

    Update: it’s rolled back! I’m back to the usual view now. I wonder if they rolled it back to fix bugs (particularly the bug where the admin module tries to display even when you’re not an admin of the page).

  • Robert Voogel

    Two fresh examples of the altered page layout: and

  • Gerard Diepeveen

    I see a whole different timeline, with the profile pic on the left, outside of the cover, see attachment/