Inviting a Manager to your Google+ Page

Inviting a Manager to your Google+ Page

Here’s a quick tip for those having problems with inviting another user to manage your Google+ Page.

The ‘Manager Invite’ Issue

When inviting another user to manage a Google+ business page, the user appears in the manager’s section (greyed-out) but the user doesn’t receive an invitation email or any form of notification in Google+ and so can’t become the page’s manager.

Google+ Page Managers

The Background

Ever since Google+ launched business pages (November 2011) I’ve had issues when inviting my own Google+ personal profile to be a manager of the page. I set up the invite, my profile appears in the manager section – greyed-out until I accept the invite – but the invite never comes through. I’ve checked my spam folder with no result and there’s no notification under my account in Google+ itself.

This has happened to me over a number of Google+ business pages and it’s made it pretty hard to manage these accounts.

I Googled the issue and found a number of threads in Google’s support forums with the same issue, along with plenty of people suggesting the same solutions, “make sure your Google+ profile is set to receive a notification for manager invites”, “check your spam folder”, “just use another account”, etc. Google themselves are notoriously bad at responding in those forums and didn’t seem to have a response to the issue.

Finally I came across this seemingly obvious solution posted by a helpful user whose name I sadly can’t remember right now (sorry mate).

The Solution

The solution is based on one simple fact – the verification link within the invitation email isn’t specific to the user that received the email. Instead, it just checks that the Google+ profile you’re logged in with when the verification link is used is one that has already been invited previously, even if that invite didn’t go through.

With that information you may already have figured out the solution, but here’s a bit of a step-by-step for those that haven’t. Before you begin this, make sure that the account you’re trying to add as a manager appears in the manager section, greyed-out. i.e. you’ll have to have attempted to invite that account as a manager already.

1. Invite another email address that you have access to

Head to the Google+ Page using an account that already has manager access and invite another user whose email account you have access to.

e.g. my Google+ profile that I have problems with inviting as a manager is, but I have a email address I use for other stuff. So I send an invitation to that Hotmail address instead (it doesn’t matter that I don’t have a Google+ profile under that email address).

Google+ Business Page Manager Invite

2. Log in to your email inbox and copy the ‘Become a Manager’ link

If all goes well, you should have an invitation in your email inbox, albeit for an account that you don’t necessarily want to be a manager of the page. If not, try another email address.

Don’t click the ‘Become a manager’ link. Instead copy that link by right-clicking and selecting ‘copy shortcut’ (IE) or ‘copy link address’

Google Plus Manager Invite Email

3. Log in to Google+ as the account that you want to become the page manager and then, in that same browser, paste the verification link into the address bar and hit enter. 

Google+ Page Manager Verification

You should be taken to the correct business page and asked to accept. Job done! Just to tidy-up and improve security, you should head back to your manager section and cancel the invitation for any outstanding accounts that you no longer need to be managers.

If you’re still having problems, post a comment and I’ll see if I can help.

  • Doner G

    Hello! Unfortunately, nothing is showing up when I copy the link after signing into the email address that the invite has been sent to. I would really appreciate your help!

    • Mark Lincoln

      Hi Doner, did you manage to figure this out?

  • Doner G

    Also, thanks for this article!

  • Robert Gama

    Thank you very much! Worked perfectly!

    • Mark Lincoln

      Awesome! Great to hear it.

  • Holly Hansen

    Hello Mark. Thank you so much for this great post. I looked for a solution for over an hour before finding yours. I’m working on 5 g+ pages. Your tip worked perfectly on the first 2. For the next 3, I got a message that said “Unable to become a manager… This is either because the invitation has been revoked or was intended for another account.” Any ideas?

    • Mark Lincoln

      Hi Holly, awesome that it worked for the first 2! But it is a worry that it didn’t work with the others. If you’ve followed the exact same process it could be related to a change in how Google looks at managers/owners. I had a message from Google a few weeks ago that said something in relation to my account no longer being able to manage one of our Google+ Pages (even though it had already been verified). I think Google are rolling out this change right now – and it’s possible that it’s been applied to those last three pages of yours. So sadly it looks like this process won’t work any more, once the change has finished rolling out to all pages. Bugger!

      Hopefully Google get around to rolling out a fix for the absent verification emails soon so that we won’t have to resort to this ‘hack’. Sorry I couldn’t help you further!

  • Holly Hansen

    Wow! Thanks for your speedy reply. Guess what? I went back and did the thing that was supposed to work — you know, inviting yourself normally and then just clicking the link in the email. It worked! I guess Google is fixing the original (“manager invite”) problem.

    • Mark Lincoln

      Oh hey, that’s awesome! It’s about time! Hopefully this wasn’t just a random occurrence and they are properly addressing this. Great to hear that it’s finally worked for you!

  • Fewfre

    Worked perfectly, I’ve been wanting a solution for this for months, and am so glad I found a solution this time :) I’m surprised I didn’t think of url manipulation (although luckily the url didn’t need to be modified).

  • Gerald D. Vinci

    Thanks for the quick solution. I was stuck on this issue as well.

  • Phill

    I am trying to resolve a similar issue, i want to transfer ownership of 2 G+ Pages from a personal account to a new business one. but i just cannot get Google to send that email with the verification link in it. i have tried adding my work email, personal email and a specifically made up gmail account. but no joy.

  • rux

    you are awesome! i struggled finding a solution for this problem.

    • Mark

      Thanks, rux! Glad it worked for you.

  • David Shulman

    Thank you. It was driving me nuts that the invite doesn’t go through from my gmail account to my apps account. This worked perfectly.

  • Łukasz Hallmann

    Thanks! It worked. my god… why they are making things so difficult… ;-)

  • Nassim

    Hello Mark,
    When it comes to adding managers …they should only have a GMAIL account right?

    • Mark Lincoln

      Hi Nassim, they will need a Google account, but remember that this could be under their own existing email address. When they go to create a Google account, just select “I prefer to use my own email address” next to the box where you create your email address.

      • Nassim

        Thanks Mark, is there a way one can switch an already existing Google account to another email.
        A hotmail for emample… using the above mentioned techinique ” “I prefer to use my own email address” ?
        Thank you so much in advance

        • Mark Lincoln

          I think you’re best to check the Google support forums for that one. Off the top of my head, transferring existing Google accounts can be tricky, if not impossible.

  • Alireza Zerafati

    thanks it worked great for me (

  • Ram Narayan Das

    can i accept the invitation if i don’t have a gamil account?

  • Denise Chen Lai

    Thank you so much – I’ve been struggling to resolve this issue and this helped solve that issue perfectly!

  • Faye Elizabeth Johnston

    Hi. Hopefully you will be able to help. I have received the invite to become a manager of my company’s page but when I click the ‘become a manager’ button on the email, I dont get the accept pop up (as shown in your picture), instead it takes my to view the page on Google+. Any ideas?

  • Kedar Gadgil

    you, my friend, saved me a lot of heartbreak and stress :-)…thanks for the elegant solution

    there’s one small change though…perhaps google has made it now because i saw your post in january 2017, and it didn’t work because the link that arrived in the other mailbox (the dummy one i created just to receive the link) was something like

    if i copy-pasted the same link, it would only allow me to add THAT account (the dummy one). so, i truncated the above link to and did everything else the way you described…it worked! so, if someone has found this thread in 2017 still looking for a solution, try this change


    • Mark Lincoln

      Thanks Kedar! Great tip.