I’m Neighbourly!

I’m Neighbourly!

Neighbourly LeadI’ve been getting more into Neighbourly recently. It’s a relatively new online service that is “designed to foster interaction and conversation between neighbours and community organisations by creating an easy way for them to talk and share online.”

Co-founders, Casey and Shane (of GrabOne fame) highlight Neighbourly’s goal to create a community that successfully breaches the gap between online and ‘real’ worlds; something that many social networks fail to do. In many ways it’s the cool, modern day equivalent – and the inevitable next evolutionary step – of those local community groups that get together once a month and post flyers about BBQs and family outings through your letterbox.

After settling in and meeting some locals, I had the honour of being invited to be a ‘Lead’ for my neighbourhood, Aranui in Christchurch, by Neighbourly’s Head of Communications, Sarah Moore. Following that, I had the extra honour of being asked to be Neighbourly’s first profiled Lead on the new Neighbourly blog.

  • Take a look at the blog post, “Meet Mark“.


Aranui doesn’t have the greatest reputation in Christchurch. OK, let’s face it, it has one of the worst reputations in Christchurch. But, do you know what? Those old stereotypes of Christchurch are undergoing a total overhaul. Whether we like it or not, many of our old communities have been completely changed following the earthquake and now’s the time to ‘re-brand’.

Three of my favourite bar/restaurants are all in east Christchurch; Pomeroys, The Twisted Hop and Gorilla stretch from Fitzgerald Ave to eastern Woolston. And have you seen The Tannery boutique mall recently? All very cool and, in my opinion, very east. Aranui itself doesn’t have much other than housing and a school, but even that school is scheduled to become New Zealand’s newest ‘super school’!

On top of all that, Aranui is now the very first suburb to be featured in New Zealand’s coolest community website. Take that, New Zealand!