Brad Pitt’s Email Address

Brad Pitt’s Email Address

I was at a friend’s place recently (hi Doug) reading his copy of “Teach Yourself Computers, The Internet, and Windows 98”. It’s an early overview of the Internet and it’s pretty funny how much things have changed, and how other things have stayed the same.

Here are some highlights.

Still waiting for the “… but don’t do this”

There are many documents on the Web, describing everything from causing mischief at school to making explosives. These types of documents may appeal to teenagers and are usually found at Web sites distributing banned or censored books. These Web sites generally do not have any restrictions on who can access the documents.

Appeal to teenagers? No restrictions??

Famous People’s Email Addresses

Famous People's Email Addresses

Brilliant. I like that Bill didn’t go for just ‘’. Had to throw the ‘g’ in there in case someone else took his username.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a popular Web browser from Microsoft

Yeah, yeah, OK I’m sure to this day it’s still the most used browser, but this line made me laugh all the same.

Flame Wars

A flame is an angry or insulting message directed at one person. A flame war is an argument that continues for a while. Avoid starting or participating in flames wars.

Flames wars existed long before Social Media. I guess mostly in forums. Shame that last bit of advice fell on deaf ears.

The Future of the Internet

Several organisations are currently developing faster ways of transferring information over the Internet. Internet2 (I2) will enhance the transfer of information between universities and research facilities in the United States. Project Oxygen, also called the Super-Internet, plans to improve the transfer of complex information, such as video, on the Internet.

Internet2 … the Super-Internet … I can’t wait!