Springpad is shutting down

Springpad is shutting down

Springpad LogoSpringpad has announced the news that it is shutting down.

This free app provided a note taking, organising, sharing and collaboration service, vaguely similar to the likes of Evernote but with a much more ‘visual’ design, with notes being stored in notebooks that you could style to your liking.

Along with a Chrome, Android, iPhone, iPad and even a Kindle app, Springpad had their own ‘Spring’ counter button… but to be fair I’ve only ever seen this on their own blog, and even then it doesn’t tend to get many hits.

According to the announcement on their blog, the service tried to secure funding but was unsuccessful:

As we announced a few days ago, we are very sorry to let you know that Springpad will be shutting down on June 25th. Unfortunately, we were not able to secure additional funding or scale to become a self-sustaining business. As part of closing our business, a portion of our team is joining Google.

Great to see some of their team are heading on to work at Google (Update: looks like 5 of the 20 full-time employees are moving to Google, according to the Boston Business Journal).

I started using Springpad in 2012. After using it sporadically for the next 6 months, I confess to having moved on to Evernote. While Springpad had the looks, Evernote had the power and seemed to be better at organising a large amount of notes.

While there is no mention of selling their service to a third party, Springpad has arranged a deal with Evernote whereby users can migrate their data to the Evernote service at the click of a button. This is what I’ve done and it’s reassuring to see that all of my notes have remained as haphazardly organised in Evernote as I’d had them in Springpad.

To migrate, head to springpad.com/savemystuff. This didn’t work for me on the first attempt – I received a message saying “Yikes! We’ve logged the error and will look into the issue. If you have questions or concerns please email us at feedback@springpad.com”. I logged back into Evernote in another tab and retried the export and it worked fine. Perhaps this was because Springpad announced the news on their Facebook Page just over an hour ago and everyone’s exporting at once.

Speaking of which, what will become of the Springpad Facebook Page? The page has 31,778 Likes at time of writing. Despite this, interactions on Springpad’s previous posts has been fairly poor – with most posts seeing only 3 or 4 interactions. Springpad have been advertising on Facebook recently but this doesn’t appear to have helped much with their engagement levels… until their announcement of course!

Springpad Facebook Community



Fans have also banded together in a new community over on Google+ to discuss alternatives to Springpad, with one dedicated fan putting together a Google Spreadsheet with the alternatives, along with a comparison.

Springpad Alternatives

All the best to the staff from Springpad in their new roles. Thanks for the free service.

  • Valerie

    Are you sad about Springpad? Still hurting after Bento, is this you? http://imgur.com/CNwOrCn

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