Mark Lincoln

Helpful articles and guides from a marketer, recognised as a leader in digital marketing, including advertising, SEO, and more. Also sharing the occasional car review and other insights from my life in New Zealand and in the automotive industry.

Facebook Marketplace Scammer

Been messaged on Facebook Marketplace by someone saying they’ll pay using NZ Post? It’s a scam. Find out why and how to identify scams here.

BMW G 310 GS lightweight adventure motorcycle off road.

Considering a lightweight adventure motorcycle? I’ve spent hours researching what’s available and have put together a list of the top five.

Microsoft Edge Browser

As a hardened Google Chrome user, I was reluctant to change to the Microsoft Edge browser. But here are five reasons that I did and haven’t looked back.

Skoda Octavia Station Wagon

New Zealand’s a huge fan of SUVs and utes, but should station wagons be on more car buyer’s shortlists? Here’s an argument for staion wagons.

Chernobyl Podcast Series

I’ve compiled seven of the best podcast miniseries that are better than Netflix, plus a few bonus two-part podcasts that you can’t miss.

Identifying malicious websites in Google Ads 'where ads showed'

Is your business receiving fake enquiries through forms on its own website and its own Google Ad account? Here’s how to stop the spam enquiry.