Simon Sinek on Leadership at the World Government Summit

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek on responsible leadership at the 2019 World Government Summit, and his story of Noah, a guy who works for Four Seasons.


Use Data. Don’t Just Listen to the HiPPO.

Using Data at Meetings

I’m currently going through a few online courses (as mentioned previously) during the lockdown. Right now, I’m completing a course by Google focused on ads measurement, and I came across one section that I had to share: Individual Measurement Habits.

Free Online Courses for Digital Marketing

Free Online Marketing Courses

During the COVID-19 lockdown, now is a great time for marketers to check out some free online digital marketing courses and prepare for the return to work.

New Facebook Design Rolling Out

New Facebook Page Design

An all-new Facebook design is rolling out to desktop web browsers around the world. Take a look at the new dark mode and learn about new cover photos.


Australia’s Fires Cause Smoke Haze Over New Zealand

Sheep at a Canterbury farm with smoke haze from New Zealand's fire

On New Year’s day, while homes in Australia are evacuated and thousands of firefighters tackle the blaze, New Zealand itself starts to witness a side-effect of the disaster.